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January 2015 Newsletter

Power & Drive Renewable Solutions January Newsletter Happy New Year to all and we hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years break. We had a small break but took advantage of the sun to continue our R&D for renewable energy solutions. Currently we are underway with R&D on

  • zero export device for micro inverters including a single phase and 3 phase model for under 30kW solar projects.

  • SMA new 25kW inverter zero export control

  • Delta RPI range of inverters zero export control via Modbus

  • Solar/diesel fuel reduction system for off grid generators to reduce fuel costs

  • under 10kW zero export controller

  • Huawei inverter zero export control

Well as some of you were relaxing enjoying the summer break, some of our clients kept working away and completing projects including Positronics latest 100kW project. We provided our Non-Export Unit NEU100 with Schneider Micom Protection relay and Schneider Magelis HMI to zero export control the Schneider Conext TL inverters. We also supplied our Solar Monitoring Unit (SMU) to upload the data to PVOutput. You can follow us on PV Output here We have also received some interest globally for our products and are working with a international company to provide them solutions in other countries which require export limiting and protection. Don't forget to check out our website where we will be keeping you up to date with our products and services. And if you are into social media we have LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook which you can like or follow us.

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