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Zero Export

Ensure solar power does not feed back to the grid and provide additional protection  while maximising the ROI​

  • Smooth ramping of inverters by as little as 200 watts to improve ROI 

  • Compatible with most major brand inverters

  • Quality controlled built cabinets with brand name components

  • Engineering drawings for applications to Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSP)

  • Tech support and onsite commissioning

  • Simple installation

Zero Export

Non Export Unit (NEU100) 100kW


The innovative design maximises the solar power output and matches it to your site’s power usage therefore providing greater return on your investment (ROI).


  • Load matching to maximise output     

  • Adjustable export limit                                        

  • Compatible with major inverters  

  • Anti-Islanding


  • IP66 steel cabinet

Zero Export

Solar Export Limiter <30kW


By utilising the inverter's inbuilt power management system to maximise solar output we maintain zero export or a set export limit by the DNSP. 


  • Installer can configure this onsite

  • compatible with major brand inverters

  • Schneider components

  • Technical support and single line diagrams

  • Improved ROI of solar system while still maintaining zero export


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