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Grid Protection for Solar PV

Solar PV systems above 30kW require extra protection

  • ROCOF - Rate Of Change of Freqency

  • Vector Shift

  • Under/Over Voltage

  • Under/over frequency

  • Anti-Islanding

Network Protection Units (NPU)

AE Renewable Solutions NPU's are available off the shelf


  • Anti islanding relay                 

  • ROCOF feature                          

  • IP66 Cabinet                             

  • Chassis for AC inverters C/B  

  • Customizable options

  • Meets DNSP requirements

  • Motorized Circuit Breaker




Suitable for all solar generation sites from 200kW to 5MW in size. 


  • Battery Provision         

  • SVG/Reactor integration                            

  • Approved protection control

  • Distribution

  • Metering

  • PV DB's integrated or stand alone

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